OttoBots Whitepaper


This OttoBots Labs whitepaper outlines our user-focused approach to developing purposeful bots designed to empower the burgeoning Web3 community. With a commitment to freely available utilization, our primary objective is to simplify tasks and enhance efficiency by transforming complexity into user-friendly applications.

In addition to our breakthrough innovation, OttoBots also serves as a robust advertising platform. This offering permits advertisers to place ads, expand their reach, and subsequently increase their exposure within this landscape.



We all have witnessed the influx of new tokens every day, and despite the promise of transformative innovation and potential for high returns, a staggering majority of these tokens end up being scams and rugs.

Consequently, many investors and snipers grapple with the immense challenge of differentiating between legitimate and scam tokens, often culminating in substantial losses.

This is where OttoBots steps in, living by the motto "Bots With Benefits". We are devoted to developing purpose-empowered bots designed to provide a solution for the Web3 community - all for free.


Foremost, the primary objective of OttoBots is to diminish the grueling task of distinguishing legit tokens from scams and help users effortlessly make investment and sniping decisions with our tools and bots.

With an infusion of cutting-edge technology and unique analytics, our bots are designed to provide invaluable insights to users, thereby decreasing the likelihood of falling victim to scams, blacklists, and burns.

Staying abreast with our innovations, the team behind OttoBots will continue developing innovative bots that remain free to use. We are committed to keeping the spirit of the Web3 community alive by offering accessible tools and bots to help them navigate the dynamic landscape of Blockchain.

Our Technology

The Simulator Bot

Otto Simulator bot is a Telegram bot, aimed at empowering users through detailed trades simulations and analytics, particularly for ERC20 tokens pre-launch and post-launch.

Created by snipers, for snipers, this bot is equipped with unique features enhancing sniping and trading experiences. To start using, all you have to do is simply send a CA or invite the bot to your group chat. This automatically activates the bot once an address is detected.

The $OTTO Token

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Value Proposition


No longer does the Web3 community need to go through the complicated and time-consuming process of manual analysis. OttoBots' unique and user-centric approach simplifies these tasks and enhances the trading and sniping experience.

Additionally, OttoBots brings benefits for advertisers by allowing ad placements within the platform. It expands the reach and increases exposure within the community, helping them to tap into a pool of potential customers and investors with affinity to this landscape.

Use Cases

  • Analysts, traders, and snipers can utilize tools and bots developed by OttoBots and make insightful decisions and reduces the chances of falling for a scam.

  • Web3 community can incorporate OttoBots' bots into their groups. This enhances community interactions by fostering discussions based on the data provided by the bot.

  • Advertisers can place ads within the OttoBots platform to reach and engage with the burgeoning Web3 community, leading to increased brand awareness.

Technical Specifications

Simulator Bot

Designed to support both Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain, the Simulator bot automatically detects the token's chain, so you don't have to do it manually. The bot also innovatively detects token status for both pre-launch and post-launch scenarios, enabling you to have an all-encompassing token analysis bot for your group chat.

Otto Simulator bot is also capable to determine Smart Contract codes differences with a unique formula checksum calculation. This allows us to offer a detailed picture of launched and rugged tokens based on the checksum.

To give snipers a leading-edge in sniping, the bot provides crucial sniping information such as maximum transaction/wallet, decoded method IDs, taxes from launch block to the next 10 blocks, and any other useful data.

$OTTO Token

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